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After a lengthy time away from this blog and a very busy life over the past year and bit, I've finally charged my batteries enough to continue with my original intent. Namely, to regularly document my progress towards my ambition of setting up extra income streams.

A lot has happened over the past year and a half, so before I launch into what I'm about to attempt (for the third time now) to set up, here's a brief account of how life has gotten in the way:

1 - July '16 I move into a house share with friends.

2 - Stress-related illness and anxiety develop from Aug '16 in addition to already dealing with long term depression.

3 - November '16 I get moved from Nursing Assistant role to Admin.

4 - June '17 I resume Nursing Assistant role.

5 - Difficulty in managing stress, anxiety and depression continues throughout 2016 and 2017. Financial, Health, Social, and Personal/Home life aspects all battle for attention and I'm unable to strike a balance.

6 - I pass my Driving test June '17 and move into my own flat in August '17.

7 - I spend the next 6 months trying to figure out how I want go about getting back on track with this blog and my business ideas, beating myself up for not getting things done sooner, not being good enough, spending each day perpetually exhausted from shift work at the NHS and not being productive enough at home... before having an overdue meltdown.

We now arrive at the present moment whereby I have taken stock of most things, worked through several [dozen] pressing issues I'd been putting off for months and years, and managed to get my act together and move forward with my original plans.

Now, my goal remains the set up and maintenance of multiple income streams, multiple businesses, and overall success in achieving my ambitions. I've another blog in the making (many months delayed but its getting there) and this should be up and running soon. I will continue to treat this blog as a more personal account of my progression whilst I use the other blog as a more professional, brand-like approach.

In hopes of genuinely making this a regularly updated blog - I'll see you soon!

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