Wireframe version
Project |01 Creating a portfolio of games, apps and websites

I'm in the process of making a new portfolio of apps, games and websites to display my design and programming skills.


As part of this, I'll be developing a new Bio/Resume website, instead of this one which I have temporarily built using

I'll upload video demos of my projects here until I create playable apps and games on my new site, with code made available on GitHub. 

Analysing the Numbers
Project |02 Starting a business
I am currently setting up a second blog to document in detail the process of moving away from full time employment by creating additional income streams.
My hope is that this will show others step by step how to do the same, and I can build a business around the training and information I provide from my own experiences.
However, even if the above ambition isn't achieved, my secondary goal is that each of these additional income streams can develop into businesses in their own right.
Project |03 Writing a fantasy novel & 'prequel' series, plus unrelated articles.

I have a series of books planned  which I am in the process of writing a first draft for. First however, I will be writing and publishing a series of short stories on each of the protagonists and antagonists in order to flesh out back-stories and build a fan base prior to the main novels' release.

Aside from writing fiction, I will be writing a number of articles and blog posts for different sites & plublications.

I'll be uploading examples of my work as it progresses both on here and on GitHub.
To discuss possible work or collaboration, contact me via the links provided.