Hi! I'm Chris - an aspiring programmer in the county of Tyne and Wear, England. I'm studying web development and e-marketing so I can design, build then market apps, games, websites and more.
I'm currently working in healthcare as a nursing assistant, but I'm actively looking for freelance projects and an IT career in web/app development, and cyber security so I can expand my skill set.
For many years now I've been passionate about setting up additional income streams, and I've written several business and marketing plans I intend to see to fruition.
With this in mind, this site and blog is initially (until I transfer the domain to a website I create) where I'm documenting the transition from my current job towards my goal of successfully starting up and running several businesses.
I've also set up another blog to track my journey in more detail, with the hope that it will benefit others with the same or similar ambitions - and a GitHub account to build a portfolio of my work.
I find working full time has made pursuing my goals difficult but I've set myself a target of 2 years to move away from full time employment and into either freelancing, or working in a role that compliments my interests. I aim to have set up enough effective income streams to match my current salary by then.
If you have any questions, project proposals or just want to chat, simply get in touch via any of the means provided.